Funding review programme

The Ministry of Transport established a funding reviews programme in 2013 for the transport sector.

The sector receives third party funding under a number of fees, charges and levies which are reviewed regularly.

The MoT funding review programme is to ensure:

  • value for money issues are addressed
  • to improve the quality and completeness of reviews and,
  • co-ordinate the timing and flow of the reviews.

Reviews are now planned on a 6 yearly cycle with a mid-point review at the 3 year mark.

Mid-point funding review 2015

The 2015 mid-point funding review:

  • was conducted at the mid-point between the last full review of the funding arrangements for our regulatory and compliance operations in 2012/13 (2012 funding review), and the next full funding review scheduled for2018/19 (2018 funding review).
  • Being a mid-point review, it focused on specific areas rather than our business as a whole.
  • Was planned to occur halfway through the 6-year transitional path set under the 2012 funding review for the stepped changes (both decreases and increases) to fees and the maritime levy, with a particular focus on whether the staff effort and pricing assumptions set in the design phase for MOSS and SeaCert were accurate once operational experience had been gained.

Eight proposals for change

Analysis of three funding issues and three operational policy issues resulted in the eight proposals for change set out in the consultation document:

  1. Halting further planned maritime levy reductions for international operators.
  2. Funding for MOSS and SeaCert additional assisted compliance work.
  3. Funding for MOSS and SeaCert additional risk analysis, operational policy and standards development work.
  4. Increasing the SeaCert hourly rate.
  5. Regulation change for seafarer certification applications spikes.
  6. Funding for additional negotiation and maintenance of international agreements and relationships work.
  7. Options for the maritime levy allocation methodology and charging basis.
  8. Fee regulations for omnibus activities.

Out of scope for the 2015 mid-point funding review was:

  • Legislative change (except as it might relate to the means of funding an activity/product or function through charging regulations)
  • Changes to regulatory and compliance rules/standards (except for any changes to the transitional provisions in the SeaCert Rules, if required)
  • Policy rationale and legislative mandate
  • The Marine Pollution Response Service or the Rescue Coordination Centre NZ components of the Maritime NZ group
  • Response Capability Sustainability Funding
  • FED Appropriation
  • HSE Appropriation
  • Ballast Water Levy
  • Oil Pollution Levy
  • Crown Funding
  • Fees for non-MOSS and non-SeaCert activities.

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