Lake Kaniere - Invitation to comment

Lake Kaniere Mixed Usage Plan for the Separation of Activities.

About this consultation

Maritime NZ invites submissions on a proposal to establish a “Lake Kaniere Mixed Usage Plan” to promote the simultaneous use and separation of activities at the lake to enhance navigational safety.

Download Invitation to comment[PDF: 621kB, 10 pages]

The deadline for making a submission 5.00pm Friday 29 September 2017.


The purpose of this consultation is to gather views on the mixed usage plans proposed with designated reserved areas for water-skiing and/or swimming created under Maritime Rule Part 91: Navigation Safety Rules 91.12.

The proposed usage plan will be built around the creation of reserved areas under Maritime Rules Part 91 and separate activities such as power boat usage (water skiing, personal watercraft), swimming, kayaking and like activities.

The plan proposes that areas of the lake margins will be reserved for specified activities such as:

  • Swimming and non-powered vessels/motor boats travelling at under 5 knots.
  • Water skiing lanes/course and personal water craft (inclusive of particular times of day when the areas can be used).
  • Powered boat usage at speeds over 5 knots.

There will be no restriction on the use of the rest of the lake other than general requirements relating to speed under Maritime Rules Part 91 (Navigation Safety Rules).

As part of this consultation, Maritime NZ also invites comment on other measures that may be incorporated into the plan, taking into account the potential need to review current Navigation Safety Rules (Rule Part 91) and to compile an up to date list of New Zealand lakes and waterways that may require a regulatory/safety review such as that completed for Lake Kaniere.

Making a submission

Consultation will run until 5.00pm Friday 29 September 2017 and we encourage you to have your say by making a submission.

Submissions must include the name and contact details of the person making the submission. They can be made by:


Maritime NZ
Attention - Rules Coordinator
PO Box 25620
Wellington 6146

Maritime New Zealand
Level 11, 1 Grey Street,

(04) 494 8901

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