Ship Design and Construction sub-committee (SDC)

The Ship Design and Construction (SDC) Sub-Committee considers technical and operational matters.

These aspects include:

  • the design, construction, subdivision and stability, buoyancy, sea-keeping and arrangements (including evacuation matters), of all types of ships, vessels, craft and mobile units covered by IMO instruments
  • testing and approval of construction and materials
  • load line matters
  • tonnage measurement matters
  • safety of fishing vessels and fishermen
  • survey and certification.

The SDC sub-committee was formed in 2014 when three former sub-committees - Ship Design and Equipment (DE), Fire Protection (FP), and Stability and Load Lines and Fishing Vessel Safety (SLF) – were merged and then split into SDC and the Ship Systems and Equipment (SSE) Sub-Committee.

Next session of this committee

The next session is the 3rd Session of the Ship Design and Construction Sub-Committee (SDC 3).

Date: Monday 18 January - Friday 22 January 2016

Location: IMO Headquarters, 4 Albert Embankment, London SE1 7SR

Agenda: No agenda yet.

Previous session

At the end of each Ship Design and Construction (SDC) Sub-Committee meeting, a final report is prepared for submission to the Maritime Safety Committee.

The final report provides a record of the issues discussed and actions taken by the Sub-Committee. Below is the report of the most recent SDC meeting.

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