Corporate publications

Read our publications that provide an overview of Maritime NZ’s performance and the strategic direction we are taking as an organisation.

Annual reports


The annual report outlines progress against the plans and measures detailed in the Statement of Intent and Statement of Performance Expectations.

MNZ Annual Report 2021 2022
Annual report 2021-2022 [PDF: 11.3Mb, 162 pages]


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Statements of Intent


The Statement of Intent (SOI) has two primary purposes:

  • to promote the public accountability of Maritime NZ through the development, progression and measurement of its work programme, and
  • to provide a strategic context and focus - aligned with the Government’s transport policy objectives - for the work that Maritime NZ undertakes in both the short and medium terms.
MNZ Statement Of Intent 2021 2025
Statement of Intent 2021-2025 [PDF: 6.2Mb, 54 pages]


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Statements of Performance Expectations

The Statement of Performance Expectations reflects our proposed performance targets and forecast financial information for the year ahead. It is produced in accordance with section 149E of the Crown Entities Act 2004.

The forecast financial statements and underlying assumptions in this document have been authorised as appropriate for issue by the Authority of Maritime NZ in accordance with its role under the Crown Entities Act 2004.

MNZ Statement Of Performance Expectations 2023 2024
Statement of Performance Expectations 2023–2024 [PDF: 7.3Mb, 72 pages]


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