Changes to our funding

Read about current and historic reviews and changes to Maritime NZ funding, that ensure our capability to work in the domestic and foreign maritime sectors.

Funding review

As a transport sector agency, under the Transport Regulatory System Funding Principles, Maritime New Zealand is required to undertake a full review of fees and levies every six years, with mid-point checks every three years.

A review of maritime levy rates was originally scheduled to occur during 2021/22.

Government agreed to delay this review due to the disruption from COVID-19 impacts. Initial work has now begun on the rescheduled funding review, and it is expected to conclude and take effect from 1 July 2024. 
In the interim, the levy rates set out in legislation continue to apply.

A full funding review took place during 2018/19. Public consultation closed on 18 January 2019. Changes to regulations came into effect 1 July 2019. Read more about the consultation.

See the Funding review

The purpose of the funding review was to assess whether Maritime NZ is funded adequately for the range of functions and activities it is required to carry out under current and future legislation over the six years, from 1 July 2019.

Maritime NZ’s revenue comes from a variety of fees, levies (Maritime Levy, Fuel Excise Duty, Health and Safety at Work Levy (Working Safer Levy) and Oil Pollution Levy) and Crown funding. This is used to fund all activities Maritime NZ is required by law to undertake, including supporting the regulatory, compliance and response system.


Sector engagement and Public consultation

Prior to the public consultation and meetings, Maritime NZ engaged extensively with stakeholders through one-on-one meetings, presentations and engagement with attendees at industry events and forums.

Maritime NZ ran a two day pre-consultation industry forum in June 2018, which was open to industry stakeholders to discuss issues, seek input and talk with Maritime NZ and Ministry of Transport representatives on the different aspects of funding and the funding review. Maritime NZ also engaged an independent industry advisor to get advice on matters relevant to the domestic commercial sector in considering these funding issues.

During the funding review consultation period, Maritime NZ ran a series of public meetings in Auckland, Wellington, Nelson and Invercargill.


Oil Pollution Levy (OPL)

The Oil Pollution Levy has also been reviewed. Although this was done separately to the most recent full funding review, it has been run concurrently to ensure industry participants get a complete understanding of the combined financial implications of the Oil Pollution Levy, fees and the Maritime Levy.