People we work with

We work with a range of organisations to develop and implement strategies that reflect shared goals and responsibilities.

Those we regulate

We seek to work constructively with all parties including those we regulate, to make sure our work is relevant, credible and effective in achieving outcomes.

New Zealand Safer Boating Forum

Forum members are local government, central government and non-government organisations that are involved in pleasure boat safety.

We lead this Forum and work with Forum members to develop and implement a national pleasure boat safety strategy. A combination of education and legislation is used by the Forum to promote recreational boating safety in New Zealand.

More about the New Zealand Safer Boating Forum

New Zealand Maritime Forum

The New Zealand Maritime Forum was set up to provide a channel through which the whole of the maritime industry can engage collectively with us and other government agencies.

Forum members include: International Container Lines Committee, NZ Marine Industry Association, Seafood New Zealand, Fullers, New Zealand Shipping Federation, Tourism Industry Association New Zealand, Port Taranaki, Marine Transport Association and the New Zealand Maritime School.

More about the New Zealand Maritime Forum

Oil Pollution Advisory Committee (OPAC)

The Maritime Transport Act 1994 establishes the authority, functions and membership of this Committee.

This statutory body is made up of representatives from regional councils, port companies, shipping, the fishing and oil industries and other government agencies.

Committee members are appointed by the Minister of Transport and their role is to advise us on:

  • the New Zealand Marine Oil Spill Response Strategy
  • fixing and levying of the oil pollution levies
  • use of the Oil Pollution Fund
  • other pollution response issues.


Our partners

Our collaboration with other agencies reflects the breadth of our interests across transport, health and safety, oil and gas, local government, search and rescue, security and international domains.

Our partners include: