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We are responsible for safety, security and environmental protection of New Zealand’s seas, rivers and lakes.

What we do touches the lives of many New Zealanders, as well as international visitors and sea-borne traffic – on a daily basis.

This is true whether you are a recreational boatie, a commercial operator, port authority, certified seafarer, or a regional council responding to an oil spill.

Our maritime environment is vital to New Zealand’s prosperity, security and social wellbeing – providing valuable employment, trade, tourism and recreational opportunities.

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Maritime NZ rates high for public sector reputation

Maritime NZ has been rated second highest for public sector reputation in the most comprehensive research of its kind in New Zealand. In 2016 Maritime NZ was rated fourth.

Colmar Brunton released the results of its second independent Public Sector Reputation Index, in which more than 2,000 people had been interviewed about 39 national public sector organisations. The survey measured leadership, fairness, social responsibility and trust. The public rated New Zealand Fire Service (NZFS) highest, followed by Maritime NZ. Under the international scale used by Colmar Brunton the top 10 per cent of commercial brands are in the highest category, those scoring above 105. The top five New Zealand public sector scores were: NZFS 129, Maritime NZ scored 111, Department of Conservation 110, Energy Efficiency and Conservation Authority 109, and Civil Aviation Authority 108. NZFS and Maritime NZ scores were unchanged from 2016.

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Ensuring maritime activities are done safely, securely with little impact on the environment.



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