Changes to our funding

Read about current and historic reviews and changes to Maritime NZ funding, that has ensured its capability to work in the domestic and foreign maritime sectors.

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Funding review

We regularly review our funding by undertaking a full review of levies, fees, and Crown funding every six years, with mid-point reviews in accordance with the Office of the Auditor General and Treasury guidelines.

The last full funding review of Maritime NZ was undertaken in 2012 with a mid-point review in 2015. The next full funding review is taking place during 2018/19, with any changes to regulations expected to come into effect from 1 July 2019.

The purpose of the funding review is to assess whether Maritime NZ is funded for the range of functions and activities it is required to carry out under current and future legislation over the six years, from 1 July 2019.

Maritime NZ’s revenue comes from a variety of fees, levies (Maritime Levy, Fuel Excise Duty, Health and Safety at Work Levy and Oil Pollution Levy) and Crown funding. This is used to fund all activities Maritime NZ is required by law to undertake, including to support the regulatory, compliance and response system.

The funding review will also address various recommendations from the Regulations Review Committee, which included that:

  • decisions relating to levies and fees are transparent for all parties, including industry
  • the base hourly rates and the Maritime Levy allocation methodology are reviewed.

Sector engagement and Public consultation

After talking to stakeholders and finding out what issues they wanted to address and their preferred way of engaging with us, we recently held a meeting with a wide range of industry representatives.

The meeting tested out ideas and gathered feedback to take on board before finalising the formal public consultation document. It is anticipated that the consultation document will be released in November 2018. Notifications about the document will be provided via the Maritime NZ website, the New Zealand Gazette, email and social media as well as through advertising in newspapers, and industry publications.

Final decisions will depend on the results of consulting with the public. Any changes to fees and levies regulations require approval from Cabinet. Any change to Crown funding requires approval through the Government’s Budget 2019 bid process.

The Oil Pollution Levy is also to be reviewed. Although this will be done separately to this full funding review, it will be run concurrently to ensure industry participants get an understanding of the combined financial implications of the Oil Pollution Levy, fees and the Maritime Levy.