Legal advice and services

Our in-house lawyers provide legal advice and services to support our work. They contribute to the policy process and operational work.

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Developing legislation

As a Crown entity operating in the maritime sector, our Board and Director have legislative authority under the Maritime Transport Act 1994 and under other legislation that impacts on the maritime industry.

We provide legal advice on:

  • proposed new legislation or amendments to existing legislation that is specific to the maritime sector
  • legislation that will impact the maritime sector, like changes to health and safety legislation
  • how international conventions which New Zealand has signed up to, can be implemented into New Zealand domestic law
  • writing or amending maritime and marine protection rules.

Advice on operational work

We provide legal advice and services to our Board, Director and internal staff about operational activities.

Our operational advice includes:

  • statutory interpretation, such as what legislation means and how it should be applied – known as
  • the exercise of statutory powers, including process we need to follow when we enforce the law
  • public law matters - going to the limits of our responsibilities and authority under the legislation we administer
  • the legal process, including how to give evidence when we are involved in court action for criminal or civil matters, or during coronial inquests
  • training for staff, so our client advisors can better understand the governmental and legislative framework they operate within
  • ensuring the proper statutory delegations are in place so our staff can perform their roles with the appropriate authority
  • the available compliance options when regulatory requirements have not been complied with
  • when and how to use our intervention powers when we respond to a maritime incident
  • providing legal advice on a number of statutory functions or powers, like granting exemptions, appointing health and safety inspectors, and registering ships.
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