The deadline for ring-fencing your old tickets has passed and you can no longer use them.

In limited circumstances, we might be able to give you an extension of time to ring-fence.

You will have to apply for the extension and provide us with as much information as you can about why you missed the deadline. We will use the information you provide to assess your application for an extension.

If you have ring-fenced a ticket, you can also choose to transition to a new SeaCert ticket at any time in the future.

Use the online tool below to apply now.

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Privileges of your Ring-Fenced Certificate

To see what the privileges are of your ring-fenced certificate, please look at the table below

Privileges Table for Ring-Fenced Certificates[PDF: 139kB, 12 pages]

Ring-Fenced tickets that can be used in place
of SRL <500 GT and SRL <500 - <3000 GT certificates[PDF: 144kB, 3 pages]

  • You can ring-fence most old and legacy tickets – with no charge from Maritime NZ – keeping them valid for life without the cost of moving into the new seafarer certification framework, SeaCert.
  • You can ring-fence all eligible old or legacy certificates you hold.
  • Even if a ticket has previously expired, you can revive the ticket by ring-fencing it.
  • After you’ve made your choices, Maritime NZ will send you a confirmation email.

Medical certificates

  • You’ll be able to continue using ring-fenced tickets to work, for life, but you need to have a medical certificate from any GP.
  • You’ll have two years from the date of issue of your Verification of Status card to get your first medical if you’re actively working.
  • If you want to start using your ring-fenced ticket more than two years after ring-fencing, you’ll need to get a medical certificate before you start work.
  • Medical certificates must be renewed every two years if you’re continuing to work. If you’re not working, you don’t need a medical certificate.

Transitioning after ring-fencing

If you have ring-fenced a ticket, you can also choose to transition to a new SeaCert ticket at any time in the future.

Ring-fencing after transitioning

If you have transitioned an eligible ticket before 30 September 2016, you can also choose to ring-fence the original legacy ticket. Please contact the team via phone or email for ring-fencing information.

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If you have any questions about ringfencing, please contact our Personnel Certification team.


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