Ancillary certificates of proficiency

Seafarers may require ancillary (additional) proficiencies for New Zealand certificates of competency and certificates of proficiency, and for some endorsements.

These ancillary proficiencies range from requirements for all seafarers to show they have competency in basic personal safety through to specific additional training required for seafarers who hold designated passenger or security responsibilities and duties.

Maritime New Zealand (MNZ) does not issue ancillary proficiency certificates; these are generally issued by training providers following completion of training courses that have been approved or accepted by the Director of MNZ as satisfactorily meeting the standards for the proficiencies, as set out in the schedule to Part 32 of the maritime rules.

In some circumstances, the training may be provided by a ship’s operator.

SeaCert background

Read about the background of SeaCert and its aims to provide competency-based systems that better suit seafarers in NZ.

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