Hazards to navigation

Whether at sea or ashore, anyone sighting what they believe to be a hazard to marine navigation, should report this directly to us as soon as possible.


Report all hazards to the Rescue Coordination Centre New Zealand (RCCNZ).


New Zealand (toll free):
0508 4 RCCNZ or 0508 472 269

Calling from outside New Zealand:
+64 4 577 8030




Report the hazard to the New Zealand Coast Radio Station.


New Zealand (toll free):
0800 MARITIME or 0800 6274 8463

Calling from outside New Zealand:
+64 4 550 5280




You can also report a hazard via the GMDSS VHF or HF radio frequencies.


New Zealand Navigational Warning Areas 

Maritime New Zealand is responsible for two navigational warning areas: 

NAVAREA XIV – part of the globally established Navigational Areas (NAVAREAs), each with a NAVAREA Coordinator responsible for notifying seafarers of hazards to navigation that are typically in the high-seas. 

New Zealand Coastal Warning Area - established within NAVAREA XIV to notify seafarers of hazards that are typically closer to the coastline of New Zealand. 

France also has Coastal Warning Areas within NAVAREA XIV – New Caledonia, Wallis and Futuna and French Polynesia.

NAVAREA XIV and Coastal Warning Areas map


Navigational Warnings in Force 

View the latest NAVAREA XIV and NZ Coastal Navigational Warnings here: 

Navigational warnings