Port profile maps

From 1 July 2024, Maritime NZ is the responsible health and safety regulator on New Zealand’s 13 major ports. We developed these maps with ports to clearly show the areas we cover.

Port profile maps - interactive tool

How to read the maps

In order to confirm the physical scope of Maritime NZ's new Health and Safety at Work Act designation from 1 July 2024, the Safer Ports Programme has produced thirteen port profiles.

The port profiles identify:

  1. The port’s securely fenced area (the boundary) as a green line.

  2. Buildings, installations, other structures, or equipment adjacent to the port and used in connection with the port’s operation or administration as a green polygon.

  3. Major hazard facilities (MHFs) to identify where Maritime NZ and WorkSafe’s designations apply, as a blue polygon.

The Designation also applies to the following areas:

Private roads

Roadways entering the port’s fenced area where they are privately owned and part of their traffic management plan are in scope of the Designation.

These are displayed in the same manner as adjacent buildings used for port operations (green polygon).

Moving plant, vehicles and rail

Moving plant, transport operators, people and moving rail, are included in the Designation while in the scope of a Major Port.


Pipework on Major Ports can fall under different regulations. Pipework can cross boundaries and connect sites outside a Major Port to ships by passing through a Major Port.

Unless otherwise required by the particulars listed below, when pipework on a Major Port is not part of an MHF, then Maritime NZ is responsible for regulating that pipework.

  1. whether it meets the definition of a pipeline under the Pipeline Regulations
  2. the associated storage containers (for example, whether any pipework meets the definition of a major hazard facility under the MHF Regulations)
  3. the site itself (for example, the PCBU and the boundaries of the relevant Major Port).


Ports covered by the maps - ordered north to south

North Island
Ports of Auckland
Port of Tauranga
Eastland Port
Napier Port
Port Taranaki
CentrePort Wellington

South Island
Port Marlborough
Port Nelson
Lyttelton Port
PrimePort Timaru
Port Otago
South Port