Renewing an MTOC

Information for operators on how and when to renew your Maritime Transport Operator Certificate (MTOC)

Most MTOCs last for 10 years. Maritime NZ will notify you six months before your MTOC expires so you will have time to get ready.

More information will be added to this page over the coming months.

1. Preparing for your renewal

You can help your operation’s renewal go as smoothly as possible –there are some things you must do and other important things that you can do.

You do not need to apply for your MTOC renewal early. You only need to apply three months in advance of your current MTOC expiration date.

You must:

1. Make sure your operator information is current.

You need to check that these are all current:

  • the full legal name of the operator
  • the responsible person(s)
  • the primary harbours or ports from which your vessels operate
  • the categories and activities of operation (e.g. trawling, adventure tourism etc.).

This information is on your operator plan, so please check it in plenty of time.

If any of this information about your operation has changed and is not current, then Maritime NZ must put your application on hold until the information is correct.

If you need to update any of this information, then see Staying compliant in MOSS for guidance and the correct form to get these changes approved.

The fees for these changes are listed here

I need to make changes


2. Apply before your current MTOC expires

You must have a current MTOC to operate your vessels. We cannot renew your MTOC if it expires – you would have to apply again for a new one, which is a much longer process.

The application fee for MTOC renewal is $814. This is the same as your application fee was 10 years ago and your renewed MTOC will be valid for another 10 years.

There are also important things you can do to help your application go more smoothly.

You should try to:

  1. Apply three months before your MTOC expires.
    This will help avoid delays. You will not lose any time from your new MTOC, it will be dated from the expiry date not the application date.

  2. Resolve any unapproved non-conformities from your last audit.
    This may hold up your application.

  3. Pay any outstanding debt or fees to Maritime NZ.
    This may hold up your application.

Maritime NZ will continue to provide information to operators and the maritime sector. 

If you have any questions speak to your maritime officer or email


2. Maritime NZ's policy on renewing MTOCs

Maritime NZ’s policy on renewing MTOCs contains:

  • What operators are required to do by law
  • Our expectations of operators
  • How we make decisions on renewing MTOCs
Renewing MTOCs Operational Policy [PDF: 5078kB, 6 pages]


3. Articles about MTOC renewal

You must apply before your MTOC expires

We cannot renew your MTOC if it expires - you would have to apply
         for a new one

Six months before your MTOC expires, we will notify you

Three months before your MTOC expires, we will send you
          everything you need to apply for your renewal

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