Safety equipment

Ships that operate commercially must be equipped with the appropriate safety equipment outlined in the maritime rules.

All New Zealand commercial vessels must be equipped with:

  • lifesaving appliances and
  • fire fighting appliances

These appliances must meet the applicable performance standards in the rules and have an approval certificate or a statement of acceptance issued by Maritime New Zealand (MNZ).

There are different requirements for the type and quantity of lifesaving (LSA) and fire fighting (FFA) appliances for each vessel. Owners of ships that are operating commercially should contact their safety management system (SMS) surveyor to find out what equipment they need.*

* Surveyors may require ship owners to carry additional lifesaving and fire fighting equipment above the minimum specified in the Maritime Rules. Any appliances and/or radio equipment that are additional to the minimum equipment required must also meet the survey standards.

Approved safety equipment

Product information - MNZ can provide complete details for any of the products listed in these registers.

The maritime products listed in the following registers meet the requirements for lifesaving and fire fighting appliances:

Lifesaving appliances [PDF: 86kB, 9 pages] Fire fighting appliances [PDF: 67kB, 3 pages]

Lifesaving appliances that meet Maritime Rules Part 42A and/or the International Life-Saving Appliance Code (as indicated in Maritime Rules Part 42A) are issued a certificate of approval.

Radio equipment is regulated by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment under the Radiocommunications Act 1989. Go to the Radio Spectrum Management website for information on compliance requirements.

Fire fighting appliances that meet the performance standards in Maritime Rule Part 42B are issued a statement of acceptance.


Authorised service providers

The service providers listed in the document below are authorised to perform an examination, operational testing, repair, or overhaul of lifeboats, rescue boats, launching appliances and release gear on SOLAS ships:

Authorised service providers [PDF: 177kB, 1 page]


Life-saving appliance training manual

The guideline below provides information for owners and operators of SOLAS ships on the information that must be included in a life-saving appliance training manual:

Life-saving appliance training manual [PDF: 138kB, 2 pages]


Getting your product approved

Information for manufacturers and retailers about registering, testing and servicing safety equipment in New Zealand.

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