Get your safety product approved

Find information for registering, testing and servicing safety equipment in New Zealand.

Manufacturers and retailers can apply to MNZ to have products approved and included on the lifesaving and fire fighting appliances registers.

A successful application for lifesaving appliances will gain an approval certificate issued by the Director of MNZ.

A successful application for fire-fighting appliances will gain a certificate of acceptance issued by MNZ.


There are different requirements for the lifesaving and fire-fighting appliances used on different types of vessel.

Before you apply for approval, check that your product meets the relevant standards and expectations outlined in the maritime rules:

Type of vessel Applicable maritime rule(s) Product standard rules
Passenger 40A, 40C, 40D 42A Lifesaving appliances
42B Fire fighting appliances
Non-passenger 40A, 40C, 40D 42A Lifesaving appliances
42B Fire fighting appliances
Fishing 40A, 40C, 40D 42A Lifesaving appliances
42B Fire fighting appliances
Recreational 91 91 Navigation safety rules
Rafting 81 81 Commercial rafting operations
Jetboating 82 82 Commercial jetboating operations

To have your product included on an approved register, you need to provide:

  • a completed application form with all of the information we require
  • a certificate showing the standard the product has been tested to
  • a quality certificate from the manufacturer
  • a brochure showing the product
  • evidence of being an approved distributor

Please note we may require further information to be supplied before approval of any product.

Radio equipment is regulated by the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment under the Radiocommunications Act 1989. Go to the Radio Spectrum Management website for information on compliance requirements.


The fee for processing your application will be based on an hourly rate of NZ$245.00, which includes goods and services tax (GST).


How to apply

These steps provide a basic overview of the product approval process:

1: Before applying

If you have not done so already, check that your product meets the standards set by the maritime rules.

Safety equipment approval form [PDF: 372kB, 11 pages]

2: Application form and documentation

Complete the form and gather your supporting documents.

3: Application fee

Indicate your preferred payment method on the Safety equipment approval form and MNZ will send you an invoice for the application fee, and a receipt on payment.

How you can pay your fees

4: Send us your application

There are three options for you to send your application documents to MNZ, by courier, post and/or by email.

5: Confirmation your application is received

MNZ will send you an email or letter to confirm that we have received your application.

6: Application assessment

MNZ will assess your application.

You may be asked to provide further information.

7: Issue of certificate or statement

If you are successful, MNZ will issue you an approval certificate or a statement of acceptance.


Manufacturer responsibilities

The responsibility for manufacturing and quality control for certified products rests with the manufacturer.

Product testing

Fire retardant material testing laboratories

Fire retardant material testing laboratories test against the IMO Standard and hold valid NZ14001 certification as a certified laboratory.

Testing laboratories must be approved by MNZ.

Download fire retardant material testing labs [PDF: 83kB, 1 page]

Product servicing

Fire fighting appliances servicing

Testing of fire fighting appliances is undertaken by a JAS-ANZ accredited body, class society, EC Type approved body or overseas administration.

MNZ has no authority in the rules to approve these test facilities.

Liferaft and lifejacket servicing

The New Zealand liferaft and lifejacket servicing stations listed in this register have met the standard required to service, repair and repackage the named brands of commercial liferafts and lifejackets.

Servicing stations must be approved or accredited by MNZ.

Liferaft and Lifejacket Service Stations [PDF: 63kB, 3 pages]


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