Safe Operational Plans for jet boats

Learn about Safe Operational Plans (SOP) for jet boats and how you can get one.

Jet boats that carry passengers at planing speed, on any river, for hire or reward are required to have a Safe Operational Plan (SOP) under Maritime Rule Part 82.

a jet boat full of passengers is making its way up a wide river against the current and is approaching some rapids.

A vessel required to operate under a Safe Operational Plan cannot then be under a Maritime Transport Operator Plan.

How to get a Safe Operational Plan:

To get a Safe Operational Plan, you will need to do the following:

  1. Contact your nearest jet boat Authorised Person/Safety Auditor for an inspection, audit and approval of your operation*
  2. When your SOP has been approved, you will need a Certificate of Compliance from Maritime New Zealand before you can begin operating.

Each operation must then undergo an annual audit for their Safe Operational Plan Certificate of Compliance to remain valid.

Download List of Authorised Persons [PDF: 59kB, 1 page]

*This is on behalf of the Director of Maritime New Zealand.

Jet boat operators

The following resources are available for jet boat operators.

Jet boat operator application form [PDF: 281kB, 9 pages] Passenger Briefing Card for Jet Boating [PDF: 173kB, 1 page]

Commercial Jet Boat Maintenance Guideline

The New Zealand Commercial Jet Boat Association has created a guideline for commercial jet boat operators.
The purpose of this guideline is to:

  • establish a high standard of jet boat maintenance
  • help build a common understanding of good practice jet boat maintenance across New Zealand. 

Maritime New Zealand supports this guideline. It should help commercial jet boat operators to prepare their jet boat maintenance programmes, which are required by Maritime Rule Part 82.

NZ Commercial Jet Boat Association []

Safety guidelines: Managing risks: alcohol and other drugs - raft and jet boat operators

Managing Risks: Alcohol and drugs - Safety guidelines for jet boat operators [PDF: 235kB, 7 pages]

Intoxication – safe crews fish more


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If you require any further information about safety management systems, please contact your local Maritime Officer.

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