Safety update

April 2009 Electric submersible bilge pumps - secondary

This safety update is issued to raise awareness of requirements for secondary electrically-driven submersible bilge pumps in fishing vessels. It provides information about legal requirements and compliance.

This safety update is for

  • owners and operators of fishing vessels less than 24 metres in length
  • safe ship management companies
  • ship surveyors
  • maritime safety inspectors.


This guidance notice is a reminder of the requirements of Maritime Rule Part 40D with regard to the installation of secondary electrically-driven submersible bilge pumps in fishing vessels.

Compliance with Maritime Rule Part 40D

Rule Part 40D.28 prescribes the requirements for the arrangement of bilge pumping systems onboard fishing vessels. Rule Part 40D.28(6) allows a fishing vessel of less than 24 metres in length to have at least one fixed heavy-duty electrically-driven submersible pump fitted in an individual watertight compartment. Where a secondary bilge pump is fitted, it must also be installed in accordance with the requirements of Rule Part 40D 28(6) (a)-(i).

Original source content - Guidance Notice Issue 10, April 2009: Electric submersible bilge pumps - secondary.

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