Safety update

September 2008 Passenger safety briefing – Maritime Rule Part 80

This safety update is for owners and operators of jet boats. It is issued to raise awareness of the potential serious risk to safety on board jet boats. It provides recommendations for how best to reduce the risks involved and to alert passengers to the risk of safety associated with jet boats.


This safety bulletin highlights the importance of the pre-trip safety briefing being communicated effectively to passengers who may have difficulty understanding a verbal briefing.

Safe practice tips

Pre-trip passenger safety briefing

Owners and drivers are reminded of the importance of ensuring that all passengers understand the pre-trip safety briefing required under the rule. If there is any doubt that a passenger understands the briefing, that passenger must not be carried on the trip.

debriefing card

Part 80 requires that a safety briefing card be on the boat and made available to any passenger who may have difficulty understanding a verbal briefing. The card must be in a form sufficient to convey:

  • The safety features of the boat and its equipment.
  • The requirement that passengers remain seated and keep their arms in the boat.
  • Whether spins, Hamilton turns or other like manoeuvres are to be undertaken during the ride and if so, how passengers will be adequately warned before such a manoeuvre is made.

Maritime New Zealand recommends that the safety briefing card is made available in English, Japanese, Korean, Mandarin and German versions.

Where possible, interpreters should be used to translate the pre-trip safety briefing. However, this should supplement and not replace the safety briefing card provided for passengers.

To assist passenger comprehension, we also recommend that key safety messages be depicted in pictorial form where possible, in a form similar to this example.

Original source content - Safety Bulletin Issue 18, September 2008: Passenger safety briefing – Maritime Rule Part 80.

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