Safety update

May 2003 Protective clothing on fishing vessels

This safety update is for skippers and crew on fishing vessels. It is issued to raise awareness of the importance of wearing protective clothing. It provides safe practice tips for how best to reduce the risks involved and to alert people to the risk to safety associated with not wearing appropriate protection.


A recent near fatal accident to the skipper of a fishing vessel, where he was struck on the back of the head by a 1.5 kg weight whilst fishing for tuna, highlights the need for provision of protective clothing for skippers and crew on fishing vessels.

The injuries the skipper sustained would not have been as severe had he been wearing a safety helmet.

Safe practice tips

All hazards aboard a vessel must be identified, assessed and controlled and all crew members trained in hazard management. Crew engaged in fishing activities should be provided with appropriate protective clothing and skippers should ensure it is worn when necessary.

Original source content - Boat Notice 032003, May: Protective clothing on fishing vessels.

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