During the COVID-19 response, Maritime New Zealand will need to make decisions with a view to maintaining the intent of maritime safety, maritime security and the protection of the marine environment while being as pragmatic as possible.

COVID-19 response information

New Zealand is at COVID-19 Alert Level 2

Surveyor wellbeing

Surveyors are responsible for their own health and safety and should not put themselves or crew at risk.

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Surveyors are a vital cog in the maritime regulatory system and their work is very important to ensuring that ships remain safe, for the crew, passengers and general public. However, surveyors also need to look after themselves and not put themselves or crew at risk.

Maritime NZ has considered how the surveying industry can continue to operate without compromising the health and safety of the surveyors, while also ensuring a pragmatic system that confirms that ships that are still operating remain safe and that our marine environment is preserved.

Processing your applications

Although our staff are now working from home, we have made changes so we can continue to provide services for you.

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Due to the current situation, we recommend that you only send your applications and documents to us electronically by email:

  • We no longer require original documents from you, only electronic copies.
  • Documents do not need to be certified or countersigned (e.g supporting documents for fit and proper person purposes).
  • If you are renewing a certificate, we do not need the original expiring certificate.

When providing us with electronic copies of documents, please make sure the scanned copies are legible and of a good quality.

If you are unable to provide your application documents to us electronically, we recommend you contact us so we can make alternative arrangements for you.

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We are monitoring our email and will respond to your enquiry as soon as possible.

Please use the following email addresses: for vessel related safety and certification for all exemptions for all other general enquiries

Alternatively you can use our online enquiry form.

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Part 44

Surveyor responsibilities and survey, certification, and maintenance for ships in maritime transport operations

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