Renewal of MEC 3

Read information about how to renew a Marine Engineer Class 3 - MEC 3 certificate.

Seafarers renewing certificates first issued before 1 April 2014

Seafarers who renew a valid marine engineer class 3 (MEC 3) certificate issued before 1 April 2014 will receive a new MEC 3 certificate that complies with STCW regulations.

This STCW certificate confers operational-level engine room watchkeeping privileges, but not management-level privileges. Some seafarers will have existing certificates that also include limited management-level privileges, such as “second engineer limited to non-passenger ships under 3000kW in New Zealand coastal waters” (or similar wording).

A recent audit has identified that, in order to comply with STCW, these management-level functions should not be incorporated into an operational-level certificate, and in some cases the appropriate management-level competencies may not have been acquired.


Renewal options

When you renew an existing MEC 3 certificate that has these additional privileges, you will have two options.

For both options, you also need to:

  • complete an application to renew your certificate (and indicate the certificate you wish to have issued)
  • provide relevant medical and ancillary certificates and a completed fit and proper person form.

Refer to the renewal guidelines for STCW certificates for information about what you need to provide to renew your certificate and the ancillary certificates you are required to hold.

Note: a seafarer who wants to progress to the full unlimited MEC 1 or MEC 2 certificate needs to complete the required sea service, training and ancillary training to comply with STCW Regulation III/2, and to pass MNZ’s final exam for that certificate.

Refer to the renewal guidelines for STCW certificates for information about what you need to provide to renew your certificate and the ancillary certificates you are required to hold.

Renewing STCW certificates

Option 1

Be issued with the operational-level MEC 3 certificate, which complies with STCW. You will need to meet the requirements for renewing the certificate, including ancillary requirements. Your certificate will not include any management-level privileges.

Option 2

Be issued with a management-level certificate that has limitations and privileges to comply with STCW. This certificate would be MEC 2 <3000kW limited to non-passenger ships in near-coastal waters (with MEC 3 privileges on ships with any-sized main propulsion power in any operating area).

For this option, you will need to provide:

  • a copy of your certificate listing the additional privileges
  • evidence of your sea service as second engineer on non-passenger vessels with main propulsion power over 750kW and operating in near-coastal waters or beyond. (You need either 12 months in the previous five years or three months in the past six months before you apply.)
  • a testimonial or company reference confirming that you have performed these duties satisfactorily and safely (without incident).