Tanker endorsements or certificates of proficiency

Find information on training, sea service and other requirements for the tanker endorsement or tanker certificate of proficiency, including how to apply and pay for your certificate, and where to find more help.

Your endorsement is valid for five years and can be renewed.

With this endorsement, you can work on tankers carrying the type of cargo described on your endorsement and perform duties to the designated level (basic or advanced).

Basic tanker endorsement

With a basic tanker endorsement for an oil or chemical tanker, you can perform designated duties relating to tanker cargo or operating cargo equipment on the relevant type of tanker.

Advanced tanker endorsement

With an advanced tanker training endorsement for an oil or chemical tanker, you can perform the functions of:

  • a master, chief engineer officer, chief mate or second engineer officer on the type of tanker for which you hold a relevant endorsement
  • a person with immediate responsibility for loading, discharging, care in transit, handling of cargo, tank cleaning or other cargo-related operations on the type of tanker for which you hold a relevant endorsement.

To qualify for an advanced endorsement, you must first have gained a basic tanker endorsement.



To get the basic or advanced tanker endorsement, you need to prove that you meet all of the requirements.

Each of these requirements and how to prove that you meet them is explained in the full guideline below.

Tanker endorsements or certificates of proficiency [PDF: 161kB, 10 pages]



The application fee for this certificate is $368, which includes goods and services tax (GST).


Application process

This is the application process for this certificate of competency.

1. Do you meet all the requirements?

  • You need to check that you meet all of the requirements for this certificate.
  • Apply for pre-assessment of your sea service time if you are unsure about meeting the sea service requirements.

2. Do you have the documents we need?

You need to prove that you meet the requirements. Include all of the documents we have asked for with your application form. Use the checklist in the guideline to help you.

Remember we need copies, not the originals.

3. Send us your application by courier or email

There are two options for you to send your application:

  1. Send your application by email, attaching the scanned documents. The application form has information about the requirements for electronic copies.
  2. Use a courier to send us your completed application forms, supporting documents.

The addresses are on the application form.

4. Confirmation and/or request sent

We will send you an email or letter to confirm that we have received your application and advise you of any documents we need from you before we can assess your application.

We must receive your payment before we can finalise your application.

5. Assessment and payment of application fee

Once you have sent us all the documents we need, we will assess your application and make a decision. 

We will send you an invoice with your reference number and information on how to pay the application fee once we begin the assessment. Please note we cannot release your certificate unless payment has been received.

6. Issue certificate

We will send you:

  • your certificate, if your application has been successful, or
  • a letter or email explaining why your application was unsuccessful.


Contact us for more help

If you have any questions about seafarer certification, please contact our Personnel Certification team.


New Zealand (toll free):
0508 SEACERT or 0508 732 237

Calling from outside New Zealand:
+64 4 473 0111


Tell us what you need help with and remember to include your contact details (email address and phone numbers).