Renewal of seafarer certificates

All seafarer certificates and endorsements need to be kept current through renewal (previously referred to as revalidation).

The renewal requirements - which include evidence of medical fitness - apply to all certificates of competency, certificates of proficiency and endorsements. Your certificate or endorsement can be renewed for up to five years. A fee applies for this service.


When to renew

You can apply up to six months before the certificate expiry date and your certificate will be renewed until the fifth anniversary of its expiry date.

If your certificate or endorsement has expired, you may be required to provide additional evidence of competency. This may involve refresher training, practical assessments and examinations.


Transitioning to new certificates

If you have a certificate issued before 1 April 2014, refer to the transition information to find out the new SeaCert certificate or certificates that you may transition to, and the requirements for transitioning. There are different options, according to whether your certificate is deemed equivalent or identified as an old or legacy certificate.

Renewing national certificates and endorsements

Renewing STCW-F/STCW-F-aligned certificates

Renewing STCW certificates and endorsements