Renewing fishing (STCW-F and STCW-F-aligned) certificates

Fishing certificates for vessels operating in unlimited waters and vessels of 24 metres and more overall length operating in coastal and offshore limits are aligned with the requirements of the International Convention on Standards of Training, Certification and Watchkeeping for Fishing Vessel Personnel, 1995 (STCW-F).

This applies to the following STCW-F and STCW-F-aligned certificates, which must be renewed every five years:

STCW-F certificate

Mate Fishing Vessel (MVF)

Skipper Fishing Vessel (SFV)

Mate Fishing Vessel – Unlimited (MFV-U)

Skipper Fishing Vessel – Unlimited (SFV-U)

STCW-F-aligned certificate

Marine Engineer Class 4 (MEC 4)

Marine Engineer Class 5 (MEC 5)

Marine Engineer Class 5 Motor and Steam (MEC 5 Motor and Steam)

Medical fitness

You need to prove that your medical fitness and eyesight meet the required standard. You must also meet the fit and proper person requirements.

Sea service

You must provide evidence of having completed at least 12 months' sea service during the preceding five years or three months during the preceding six months. Your sea service must have been served on a relevant vessel, performing functions appropriate to the certificate you hold. 

If you do not meet the sea service requirements, alternatives to sea service may be available. These may involve a practical competency assessment and/or further training appropriate for skippers and officers serving aboard fishing vessels – especially for seafarers returning to sea service on fishing vessels.

The Director of MNZ is also able to accept appropriate fishing vessel operational duties in certain non-seagoing positions, if they are considered to be at least equivalent to sea service as skipper or officer aboard fishing vessels.

Certificate renewal sea service fact sheets [PDF: 192kB, 3 pages]

Ancillary certificates

While there is no requirement for basic or advanced safety training to be renewed, you are strongly recommended to keep any first aid or medical training current, and may wish to consider maintaining any STCW ancillary proficiency training.

Find out more

Renewal of New Zealand STCW-F-aligned certificates [PDF: 290kB, 12 pages]

Transitioning to new certificates

If you have an old certificate, refer to the transition information on MNZ's website to identify the new SeaCert certificate or certificates it aligns with, and find out what you need to do to transition.

Transition – moving from old to new certificates