The deadline for ring-fencing your old tickets has passed. You can no longer ring-fence them and they are not valid for use.

Currency requirements

Holders of ring-fenced NZOM, NZOW or NZCM certificates are required to satisfy currency requirements every five years if they want to continue to exercise the privileges of their certificate.

The below document outlines the options available to you on how to satisfy the currency requirements.

Currency requirements information sheet [PDF: 211kB, 3 pages]


Do you need to apply?

Evidence of sea service

If you are supplying evidence of sea service to support your application to meet the currency requirements (via a testimonial letter), to assist with the swift processing of your application, please ensure the information below is captured.

  • Correctly dated letter/document
  • Employers name, address and contact details
  • A summary of service from the previous 5 years only, e.g. 14 months, 12 days
  • Duties/capacity you were signed on as, e.g. Skipper
  • Vessel details, e.g. name, length, MNZ number
  • Area of operation, e.g. Restricted Limits, Coastal, etc.

You may also document your sea service in other official ways, e.g. MNZ sea service record book and in some circumstances a Statutory Declaration.

The below document outlines what is required if your service is in a shore based capacity.

Renewal of national certificates of competence: Shorebased equivalents to sea service [PDF: 95.3kB, 1 page]


Privileges table for ring-fenced certificates

The below table outlines the privileges for certificates that have already been ring-fenced.

Privileges table for ring-fenced certificates [PDF: 185kB, 12 pages]


ITN-22-18 Ring-fenced tickets - Equivalence to SRL endorsements

The purpose of this ITN is to provide interim guidance on which ring-fenced certificates of competency may be used in lieu of an SRL with an endorsement to operate larger vessels. The aim is to clarify that special privileges granted under a Minimum Safe Crewing Document (MSCD) are preserved under the ring-fencing of certificates.

ITN-22-18 Ring-fenced tickets - Equivalence to SRL endorsements [PDF: 144kB, 3 pages]


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