Seafarer career progression

Read about the new improvements that will allow easier entry to the commercial maritime industry and provide clear career progression.

Among the improvements introduced under SeaCert are positive changes that allow easier entry to the commercial maritime industry and provide clear career progression. SeaCert also takes account of international standards and allows for portability of qualifications between countries.


Traditional career progression

Career progression for seafarers traditionally focuses on vertical progression - progressively higher levels of certification for a particular type of vessel, and/or more extensive operational limits.

The Seafarer Certification and Operational Limits Framework document shows how this structure applies for SeaCert certificates. The template for each certificate includes information on vertical career progression and the flowcharts (see below) almost all represent a vertical career path.

Seafarer Certification and Operational Limits Framework [PDF: 1.98Mb, 104 pages]

About Seafarer Certification and Operational Limits Framework

The more detailed flowcharts show the sea service and other requirements to progress vertically through the certificate structure:

  • Page 11, Figure 4: A high-level view of SeaCert that shows the progression of certificates within each operational limit
  • Page 12, Figure 5: Operations in specified, enclosed and inshore limits
  • Page 20, Figure 6 Non-fishing operations within coastal and offshore limits
  • Page 24, Figure 7: Deck certificates for work on fishing vessels
  • Page 30, Figure 8: Deck certificates for work in the unlimited area
  • Page 41, Figure 9: Certificates for sailing vessels and superyachts
  • Page 46, Figure 10: Engineering certificates


Non-traditional career progression

Rather than progressing directly to higher-level certificates, some seafarers may prefer to move across vessel and certificate types. For example, they may wish to progress from fishing to non-fishing certificates and vice versa, moving either horizontally or diagonally. Or they may choose to move from non-STCW to STCW certificates, and from management-level to operational or support-level certificates in the same or a different industry sector.


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