How to re-register your Part B registration

If your registration has expired but none of the details on the expired certificate of registration (except your address) have changed, you can register the ship again for five years within six months of expiry.

To re-register, you need to do these things:

  1. Send an email to Maritime New Zealand at

Tell us:

  • the name of the ship and its registration number.
  • you want to re-register the ship and none of the details on the previous certificate of registration have changed.
  • any updated contact details – street address, postal address, phone numbers, email address – if they have changed since your last registration.
  • the address you would like us to send the new certificate of registration to.

When we receive the email, we will send you an invoice with a reference number and instructions explaining how to pay. Once payment is received we will re-register the ship and send you the new certificate of registration by courier.


Contact us

If you have any questions about ship registration, contact us.

+64 4 473 0111