Ship registration forms and guidelines

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Ship registration guidelines

Guidelines for Part A and B:

A guide to ship registration [PDF: 63kB, 5 pages] Registration of commercial ships in Part A [PDF: 419kB, 8 pages] Ship registration flow chart [PDF: 73kB, 1 page]


Ship registration forms

Forms for Part A and B:

Appointment / change of representative person - SR1 [PDF: 57kB, 3 pages] Application for registration of ship in part A of register - SR2 [PDF: 101kB, 12 pages] Application for registration of ship (or renewal of registration) in Part B of register - SR3 [PDF: 251kB, 11 pages] Declaration of ownership and nationality of transfer - SR4 [PDF: 88kB, 5 pages] Declaration of charterer for ship on demise charter to New Zealand based operator - SR5 [PDF: 79kB, 7 pages] Application for provisional certificate of registry (form SR9)* Application for temporary pass (form SR11)* Declaration of transmission [PDF: 72kB, 6 pages] Bill of sale (to be completed by the registered owners) - SR14 [PDF: 64kB, 4 pages] Mortgage (to secure account current) - SR16 [PDF: 64kB, 5 pages] Mortgage (to secure principal sum and interest) - SR17 [PDF: 65kB, 5 pages] Variation of priority of mortgages - SR18 [PDF: 58kB, 3 pages] Alteration of terms of mortgage by endorsement - SR19 [PDF: 55kB, 3 pages] Register a caveat - SR21 [PDF: 59kB, 4 pages] Withdrawal of caveat - SR22 [PDF: 57kB, 3 pages] Builder’s certificate - SR23 [PDF: 62kB, 4 pages] Carving and Marking Note Part A over 24m (SR24)* Carving and Marking Note Part A under 24m (SR24A)* Carving and Marking Note Part A pleasure (SR25)* Application for new certificate of registry / certificate of registration - SR26 [PDF: 48kB, 1 page] Declaration of absence of certain documents - SR27 [PDF: 70kB, 5 pages] Declaration of identity of joint owner / joint mortgage - SR29 [PDF: 56kB, 3 pages] Methods of execution by a company acceptable to the registrar of ships - SR30 [PDF: 44kB, 2 pages] Application for closure of registration - SR32 [PDF: 51kB, 1 page]


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