Commercial safety

Information and resources for commercial maritime operators on their safety obligations.
Maritime NZ administers HSWA and Health and Safety at Work Act 2015

What are your additional responsibilities under HSWA?

Applying for an exemption

Free online safety training for fishing crew

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To all fishing operators and skippers, Maritime NZ is encouraging you to have your crew sign up and do the free, online training with MarineSAFE. Please share this information with them.

The training is funded by an ACC workplace injury prevention grant and sponsored by NZ Fish Fed (New Zealand Federation of Commercial Fishermen).

For crew: Learning anytime, anywhere, on your device

For crew, MarineSAFE provides simple, easy to understand, online training videos that you can do anytime, anywhere, on your phone or device. They will help you understand the hazards on-board a vessel and assist you with your learning in the maritime industry. For every module you complete, you get a certificate to add to your training profile and are able to download other useful health and safety material. The MarineSAFE resources will teach you about staying healthy and safe onboard.

For skippers: Refreshers and crew training

MarineSAFE provides skippers with refresher training and useful, practical, induction resources to help with your crew training requirements. You and your crew can download completion certificates after each module and you have access to various free templates.

For operators and owners: On-board safety

MarineSAFE will support your vessels’ on-board health and safety. It will help you, and your skippers, comply with the Health and Safety at Work Act and the Maritime Transport Act, and will be noted positively during Maritime NZ’s Maritime Operator Safety System (MOSS) audits.

For all: Safe Crews Fish More!

Every injury has a personal, financial and social cost and comes with a risk of an investigation. MarineSAFE can help crew and skippers reduce these risks, which helps them and their families, and has an economic benefit for everyone.

Free online wellbeing information and support service

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Do you have a family member, friend or crew mate who is currently dealing with wellbeing concerns? Perhaps it’s you who isn’t currently feeling quite on top of things but you’re not sure what’s wrong? Research has shown that many who work at sea are struggling to stay afloat. FirstMate New Zealand is an initiative set up for our seafood whanau, by seafood whanau, to provide all of us who work at sea or on marine farms with one-on-one support when we need it the most.

Working in partnership with MarineSAFE, FirstMate New Zealand have provided some great resources, including online training videos, that can help you understand more about wellbeing and provide you with coping strategies for when times get tough. These resources have been developed and/or adapted by MarineSAFE in conjunction with professionals in the sector

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