Specified limits permit

A specified limits permit is a safety management system that covers specialised operations or operations that don’t fit under existing Maritime Rules.

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A specified limits permit is designed for vessels operating outside normal flows of marine traffic, close to the shore, with a limited scope of operation and within a limited area.

The specified limits plan identifies:

  • the area of operation
  • details about the operation
  • details about vessels and
  • details about personnel

The following operations are eligible for a specified limit permit:

  • Marina workboats
  • Tidal oyster farm workboats
  • Club rescue boats following rowing or sailing activities that operate close to the shore
  • Water sampling for councils
  • Sewage settling ponds
  • Salmon farm workboats
  • Boats used on site for construction projects such as pipelines or jetties

The specified limits permit is not a maritime document.

Getting a specified limits permit

To apply for a specified limits permit, you must complete and send the following to Maritime New Zealand:

  • a specified limits plan providing an overview of your operation and its safety, such as:
    • the nature of your operation
    • its vessels
    • its crew
    • its safety systems (safety procedures)
  • the Specified limits plan template and
  • the Specified limits permit application form
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