Alcohol related cases

These incidents and accidents highlight the risks associated with alcohol and boating.
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This abandoned boat washed up on shore when a fishing trip went wrong.

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This incident resulted in a drowning.

A man who’d been drinking all day on a fishing expedition got lost making his way back to the boat ramp. He drowned after the boat ran out of fuel and he tried to swim ashore.

This incident resulted in a death.

A group of partying teenagers took to the water on PWCs (or jetskis), killing one of their own. Up to 20 local boaties assisted in the search for the teenager immediately after the incident.

This incident resulted in a drowning.

One man died and his companion swam to safety after a kayak took on water and capsized. Two men sat facing the bow of their large plastic sit-on kayak as sea-water slopped into its hull.

This incident resulted in a drowning.

The man and his fishing companion spent about 4 hours fishing about 100 metres from shore from a 2.1 metre dinghy. By midnight they had drunk all of their alcohol and decided to row back to shore.

This incident resulted in a drowning.

A fisherman drowned after falling out of a dinghy about 100 metres from shore. His blood alcohol was more than twice the legal limit for driving and he was not wearing a lifejacket.

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