Lookout! Issue 24, March 2012

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In this issue: A fishing vessel steamed towards rocks while all three crew on board slept.
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Kia ora and welcome to the first issue of Lookout! for 2012 – my first as Director of Maritime New Zealand (MNZ).

Over summer, boating safety organisations have been out and about, observing behaviour at boat ramps and on the water, handing out information, offering advice, and undertaking surveys to help build a picture of our current recreational boating environment.

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A fishing vessel steamed towards rocks while all three crew on board slept. The men were oblivious to their plight until one of them was woken by water dripping onto his feet.

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Four men and a 13-year-old struggled against cold, choppy seas to reach shore after their boat capsized. No one on shore had an inkling that they were in danger; their attempts to raise the alarm failed.

Alcohol, even in small quantities, affects your coordination and judgement, and exaggerates confidence. It can also reduce your ability to perform tasks, impair your sense of direction, and cause unsteadiness.

A kayaker struggled in vain to reach her companion after he was tipped out of his kayak by a wave.

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Two women clung to their tandem parasail as it spun around in circles while still tethered to the parasailing boat. The women were launched together for a parasail flight from a purposebuilt boat.

The watertight door of a 63 metre passenger ship closed with 1,650kg of force onto the body of the ship’s chief engineer.

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Several passengers on board a jet boat thrill ride ended up spending the rest of the afternoon in hospital when the boat crashed into a rock face. The river-based ride was one of many carried out that day.

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Issue 24, March 2012

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