Lookout! Issue 34, December 2015

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In this issue: A dragging anchor undetected for several hours resulted in 12 holes in the ballast tanks of a bulk carrier.
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Overloading a dinghy in strong currents, and wearing an unclipped lifejacket, proved a fatal mistake for a man who drowned only metres from a jetty.

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A dragging anchor left undetected for several hours resulted in 12 holes in the ballast tanks of a bulk carrier when it grounded on a rocky reef off a west coast port last year.

Propping up a hatch cover on the deck of a fishing trawler resulted in the death of a crewman who fell 6.9 metres, through two hatches, to the floor of an empty fish well.

Attempting to haul 120 tonnes of fish on to the deck of a vessel with marginal stability set off a disastrous chain of events for the crew of a trawler operating in the southern Pacific Ocean.

It is up to the skipper to maintain his/her vessel’s stability, in order to keep the vessel safe from capsize and protect the lives of those on board.

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Swapping drivers towards the end of a day’s jet boating on several rivers contributed to the death of a passenger, after he was injured when the boat struck a large rock and flipped.

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A man died after being struck by the propeller of a commercial vessel when he dived down believing he needed to free its anchor, during an excursion at a popular dive spot last year.

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Issue 34, December 2015

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