Lookout! Issue 35, June 2016

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In this issue: Greater publicity is needed on potential difficulties with the design and operation of mini jet boats.
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Greater publicity is needed on potential difficulties with the design and operation of mini jet boats, the Coroner has found after the death of a Southland driver who struck a rock at high speed.

The owner of a South Island fishing vessel has been warned by Maritime NZ after the master took 10 hours to activate an EPIRB when the vessel’s intermediate shaft bearing seized, causing the boat to drift off-shore without power in 40 knot (75 km/h) winds late last year.

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A recreational fisherman, who broke his leg during a trip out on his friend’s launch, had his rescue complicated when the engine room began flooding. The man and four friends were on a fishing trip.

A long night of drinking, followed by cocktails with breakfast, were a lethal mixture for an experienced yachtsman swept overboard without a lifejacket off the coast of the South Island.

Repairs to the automatic pilot did not save a fisherman and his crew from grounding their trawler on a spit off a South Island coastline.

A whitebaiter clad in heavy clothes and gumboots, but no lifejacket, drowned when his newly acquired dinghy capsized on a river.

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Employees and contractors working on board a vessel were overcome by chlorine gas fumes originating from the engine room during cleaning. The discharge produced chlorine gas.

Years of swimming experience helped a capsized kayaker endure hours in Wellington harbour, while holding on to his lifejacket and kicking and ‘crab-crawling’ with the current across the harbour entrance.

A lifejacket with a crotch strap might have helped save the life of a jetskier, after he was tossed from his machine while crossing a river bar in the South Island last year.

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Issue 35, June 2016

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