Lookout! Issue 36, December 2016

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In this issue: Coroner calls for quick release leg-ropes for stand-up paddleboards following a fatality in a North Island harbour last year.
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The death of a crew member on a 63-metre fishing trawler could have been prevented if established procedures regarding rope replacement and other safety measures were followed by the captain and bosun.

When a lifting bridle broke, as a rescue boat was lowered from a ferry, efforts to repair it were hampered by further problems with an emergency stop button on the winch.

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A quick-release leash for her stand-up paddleboard might have saved a teenager’s life after she got trapped under a moored yacht in a strong harbour current early last year.

Spotlights and better local detail on the chart plotter of his new boat may have prevented a recreational boatie from crashing into a cliff face at the edge of a central North Island lake, while returning from night fishing with his girlfriend.

A Super 15 rugby final almost ended in tragedy for a crew member aboard a fishing charter boat berthed at an island off the coast of New Zealand.

Two men without lifejackets have drowned in separate incidents involving inflatable dinghies.

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A fracture in a stud, re-used during the reconditioning of a fuel pump, was the cause of an engine room fire onboard a passenger ferry carrying 73 passengers and four crew earlier this year.

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Issue 36, December 2016

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