Lookout! Issue 37, August 2017

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In this issue: A delay in mounting a rescue results in the deaths of two kayakers on a South Island alpine lake.
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A bosun who was rigging an accommodation ladder on a 265 metre cargo ship, ended up lost at sea when the steel wire securing his safety harness to the ship suddenly snapped.

The failure of a kayak hire operator to provide an adequate safety briefing, and to track the location of his clients, contributed to the deaths of two international students on a South Island alpine lake.

Lookout article.

Three midwives on a team building day suffered thigh, knee and hand fractures when a passenger vessel struck a large wave and they were thrown to the deck.

Two crew members on fishing trawlers had fingers amputated recently as a result of attempting to carry out dangerous tasks on machines that were still operating.

A fishing trawler sustained serious damage when it grounded at a South Island harbour entrance, after the crew failed to drop anchor while attempting to restart the engine.

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A safety precaution taken by a recreational fisherman helped save his life, and that of his mate, when their 5.8 metre run-about capsized while pulling up the anchor.

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Issue 37, August 2017

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