Lookout! Issue 38, July 2018

Kayaks on lake
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In this issue: A Powerboat runs into kayaker in the Marlborough Sounds.
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The heat from a 500 watt light bulb was the cause of a cargo fire in the hold of a container ship, while in port on the East Coast late last year.

A fatigued skipper, and anchoring in an unfamiliar area during darkness, contributed to rudder damage on a fishing vessel off the East Coast recently.

A kayaker fishing on a Southland river lost his life when he was dragged by the current out to sea across a gravel bar.

Lookout article.

A recreational fisherman was unable to save his beloved vessel from being destroyed by fire, because all three fire extinguishers were in or near the engine room which was rapidly engulfed in flames.

A dredge operator had a costly reminder of the value of health and safety (‘toolbox’) meetings when his leg was broken in two places while man-handling a 200kg face plate.

Lookout article.

The elderly skipper of a powerboat failed to keep a proper lookout and ran his four-metre aluminum vessel into a double sea kayak.

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Issue 38, July 2018

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