Transition to new qualifications

Safe Seas Clean Seas Issue 39, March 2012

Information about the transition to qualifications on the proposed new Qualifications and Operational Limits (QOL) framework is now available.

From 2013, old and existing maritime qualifications will start being replaced by qualifications in the new QOL framework.

At least 40 old qualifications are still in the system (although most are not in use), along with 32 qualifications under current rules. These will all be replaced by 33 qualifications, including four new Standards of Training Certification and Watchkeeping (STCW) qualifications to be brought in through the Manila Amendments in May this year.

When the new rules putting the framework in place come into effect – planned for 2013 – all seafarers who want to keep using their qualifications will either have their tickets confirmed (if the qualification matches one on the new framework) or must transition to new qualifications.

Confirmation will happen as soon as the rules come into effect, while about 11,000 qualifications will need to be transitioned to the new framework over five years from 2013.

Development of a new web service – QOL Online – is a focus for the programme at present, says QOL programme manager, Andrew Clapham. “The QOL programme has a vision of a world-class QOL Online service that is easy to understand for our customers and easy to administer for our staff – and a major part of our work this year will be bringing that vision to reality.

This will include being able to apply online, to keep track of the status of an application and to maintain user profiles. Last year QOL worked with a company to develop the look and feel of a new web service that would give applicant seafarers a positive experience. The basic information architecture was developed for QOL Online, based around the ‘journeys’ of a number of typical users.

“We are now developing the high-level business requirements needed to support these journeys, so we can define what we need QOL Online to do, and how it should interact with current business processes and systems,” says Andrew.

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