MOSS on the move

Safe Seas Clean Seas Issue 39, March 2012

Re-consultation on the maritime rules that underpin MOSS (Maritime Operator Safety System) will take place during April and May, and will include a number of public meetings around the country.

“We are keen to share with the wider maritime community the progress we’ve made on MOSS over the past year,” says MNZ’s MOSS programme manager John Oldroyd.

MNZ will present the redrafted rules, along with the formal response to submissions received during the original MOSS consultation in 2010. “We’re looking forward to getting feedback on this detailed response,” says John. “We did expect to be able to get this out to industry by the end of 2011, but the Rena incident intervened. The redrafted rules are now ready, however, and we want to take this opportunity to present them – and a more complete picture of what MOSS will look like for operators and for MNZ.

“Submissions in 2010 showed support for increased operator responsibility and stronger regulatory oversight for MNZ. There were, however, serious concerns about survey quality and standards. Our planning over the past few months has focused on responding to these concerns.

“MNZ now plans to develop nationwide survey standards and procedures, employ a small team with survey expertise to maintain and monitor these, and put in place a range of measures to lift knowledge and performance across the industry,” says John.

MOSS was included as one of the key building blocks of the Government’s transport policy, released in August last year: “...MOSS will enable Maritime New Zealand to work more closely with domestic commercial maritime operators to achieve safety goals. The new system will be flexible and more responsive to industry change, and will require operators to develop safe operating plans that are relevant for their operation and related to their risks.” (Connecting New Zealand – Maritime transport)

“The MOSS programme team is looking forward to presenting the MOSS ‘picture’ to operators, and finding out from them what sort of guidance and assistance they will need to make the system work for them,” says John.

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