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Safe Seas Clean Seas Issue 42, December 2012

MNZ will continue and extend its “don’t be a clown” campaign this summer, following its success last year.

The campaign, which ran last summer, was recalled by 87% of those surveyed in February this year and 75% said it had at least some impact on their behaviour.

We’ve extended the campaign to include advertising in more of the places boaties are likely to see it. We’ll be doing more advertising online, including on marine weather sites and on TradeMe, during the marine weather forecast on TV One, and we are offering FREE safe boating packs at Z petrol stations around the country.

The campaign focuses on the importance of skippers taking responsibility to ensure everyone on board wears a lifejacket, with a tagline that will help skippers step up and issue the lifejacket challenge – “If you’re not on board with lifejackets, you’re not on board”.

The research behind the campaign, which won two Effie Awards for advertising effectiveness – the supreme award and the social and community category award – looked into why some people are so reluctant to put on lifejackets. The research was cited by the judges as “a world class case study in demonstrating what great qualitative research and teamwork can deliver”.

“We know that most boaties carry lifejackets on their boats, as required by law,” says MNZ’s Deputy Director Lindsay Sturt. February’s boat ramp survey showed that 99% of people carried enough lifejackets for everyone on board.

“We’re encouraging people to take the next step and make sure that everyone on board a boat under six metres wears a lifejacket at all times, not just when there’s heightened risk. We’ve had several instances this year where, tragically, people didn’t take lifejackets out with them, or took them but didn’t wear them, and didn’t survive. Trouble on the water usually happens very quickly and there’s often not enough time to retrieve a lifejacket and put it on.”

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