MOSS update and new Industry Advisory Group

Safe Seas Clean Seas Issue 43, April 2013

In December, MNZ announced a phased in implementation plan for the new Maritime Operator Safety System (MOSS) for the maritime sector, with operators coming into the new system from 1 July 2014.

The proposed rules for MOSS, which will replace the current Safe Ship Management (SSM) system, are due to be considered by the Transport Minister by 1 July 2013. It is anticipated the new rules will come into force on 1 July 2014.

This implementation timing allows MNZ and the sector to fully engage and be better prepared for the changes that will occur.

SSM companies, surveyors and operators will continue to operate as they currently do until 1 July 2014. Operators will continue to be members of an SSM company and must meet their obligations under SSM, including renewing SSM Certificates when they expire and having vessels surveyed in accordance with their survey plans.

In March, MNZ called for applicants from the sector to be part of a MOSS Industry Advisory Group, to help with the successful implementation of MOSS.

We were pleased to receive 37 high quality applications demonstrating a cross-section of experience, knowledge and skills. Following evaluation of all applications, eight industry participants have now accepted our invitation to become members of the MOSS Industry Advisory Group.

They are:

  • Peter Bloxham
  • Chris Clark
  • Carol Forsyth
  • Bryan Hjorring
  • Ian MacLeod
  • Robert Odey
  • Andrew Somers
  • Jeremy Ward

The advisory group will provide advice on key operational matters relating to the implementation of the new MOSS system, as set out in Rule Parts 19 and 44.

This is likely to include advice on elements of the operational policy and procedures that MNZ will need to develop to support the successful implementation of MOSS. The advisory group will not provide advice on any matters prescribed in the MOSS rules (Parts 19 and 44) as these have been finalised.

This is not the only chance for industry to be involved in MOSS implementation. Later this year, MNZ intends to seek feedback on the fees payable for MOSS activities. It is also considering ways to involve industry participants in the development of educational and communications material. This is likely to begin once the new MOSS rules have been approved by the Minister – which is expected to occur prior to 1 July 2013.

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