SeaCert go live date planned for January 2014

Safe Seas Clean Seas Issue 44, August 2013

SeaCert, like MOSS, has been developed in consultation with industry.

SeaCert, like MOSS, has been developed in consultation with industry. It has several advantages over the current system, including:

  • „„a more streamlined certification process through maritime schools, which eliminates repetition
  • increased recognition of New Zealand certificates overseas, making it easier for New Zealand seafarers to work in other jurisdictions
  • better defining operational limits, in particular to comply with STCW and align with STCW-F
  • the removal of unnecessary barriers to entry and career progression.

It is also worth noting that no operators will lose privileges under SeaCert – in fact, some will gain privileges as they transition from one certificate to another. More information about this can be found by visiting the MNZ website.

Crucial to the success of the project is ensuring MNZ has current details for all holders of maritime documents. If your details need updating, or if you have any questions about the project, please email

New information about SeaCert is being loaded onto the MNZ website on a regular basis. Recently, we’ve revamped the main page, including a “What’s the latest” section, which will be kept up to date. A series of changes to the STCW revalidation process has been loaded up, and a comprehensive table on the transition of certification is available. This details current certificates, what they will transition to under SeaCert, and whether there are any operational or other changes involved.

There are also over 50 pieces of guidance being put together by MNZ, which will cover each and every certificate and endorsement, so no matter which qualification you hold, there’ll be information developed specifically for it.

We are also producing a series of maps on operational limits, and these will be made available on the SeaCert home page as they are completed.

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