SeaCert go-live date shifted

Safe Seas Clean Seas Issue 45, December 2013

SeaCert (Seafarer Certification) is the new MNZ seafarer licensing framework for domestic and international Certificates of Competency and Proficiency.

It also sets out where seafarers can operate in local and international waters. Developed with the industry, SeaCert will replace the current requirements for certification, training and operating limits applicable to seafarers in New Zealand.

At the time of publication, the SeaCert rules were awaiting sign-off by the Minister of Transport. Once these are signed, MNZ will be visiting maritime training schools around the country to brief them on the next steps, and how they can best prepare for delivering SeaCert to trainees.

SeaCert project manager Roy Ellams said SeaCert will offer a meaningful improvement over the current system.

“The existing system has been hampered for far too long by out-of-date guidance, a lack of portability and no obvious pathway through the qualifications process. SeaCert offers an updated set of rules, together with support materials that give prospective applicants all the information they need to move through the system. There are also more entry points and a more straightforward process for seafarers to navigate their way through the system. This is hugely significant and provides a means for more people to enjoy a great career in the maritime industry.”

“The implementation of SeaCert is the culmination of five years’ hard work that has involved the entire maritime industry across New Zealand. We have worked closely with leading industry representatives, such as the Marine Transport Association, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority, and Competenz and industry training providers, to ensure SeaCert is delivered in the best and most effective way possible.”

MNZ is continuing to develop specific guidance for each certificate and endorsement for when the system goes live, and these are being posted on the website at maritimenz. as they are completed.

Crucial to the success of the project is ensuring MNZ has current details for all holders of maritime documents. If your details need updating, or if you have any questions about the project, please email:

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