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Safe Seas Clean Seas Issue 46, August 2014

MNZ is leading the development of a New Zealand recreational boating strategy that may prompt changes across boating safety and lifejacket policy, education, compliance and regulation.

Education and Communications manager Pania Shingleton says the strategy will be developed in collaboration with the sector to ensure that boaties are safer on the water.

By working with the National Pleasure Boat Safety Forum, MNZ aims to reduce the number of recreational boating injuries and fatalities, and also to promote safer boating behaviours. The Forum represents a cross-section of local government, harbourmasters, water safety and boating organisations and the maritime industry.

The strategy development is just one of the recommendations of an independent review of the 2007 Boating Safety Strategy that MNZ and the Forum are progressing.

“We will also be taking a fresh look at how to make the communications we produce more effective,” says Pania. “This includes our joint safety messages, websites and publications such as Safer Boating: an essential guide”.

MNZ is also aiming to deliver safety messages to more boaties by contributing to Waikato Regional Council’s MarineMate mobile app – which at last count had 17,000 downloads – and a new MetService Marine weather app that has had 32,000 downloads.

MarineMate is a multi-agency development with funding from MNZ, Water Safety NZ, Land Information NZ, ACC and 17 regional councils. It offers tide timetables, navigational safety updates and maritime bylaws for each region.

The range and variety of information means boaties can be confident they are accessing accurate information for their area – “so they can make the right choices on the water, no matter where they are,” says Pania.

“The future lies in using new technology smarter so we can reach our audience wherever they are, rather than them having to read a pamphlet,” she says.

MNZ has also increased its presence on YouTube by providing support (alongside ACC and Coastguard) for the production of five new crossing-the-bar clips developed by Waikato and Bay of Plenty regional councils. As well as a general bar crossing clip, others highlight the dangers of crossing the bar at Raglan, Tairua, Bowentown and Kaituna (Maketu).

They can be viewed on YouTube.

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