SeaCert update

Safe Seas Clean Seas Issue 47, December 2014 - January 2015

MNZ is refining the way it manages SeaCert applications, with the aim of providing seafarers with a faster and clearer transition from application to certificate.

SeaCert, the new seafarer certification framework for national and international certificates of competency and proficiency and endorsements, came into effect on 1 April 2014.

Under the new approach, any incomplete applications received by MNZ will be returned to the applicant. An accompanying cover letter will outline the information the seafarer needs to provide before the application can be accepted for processing. The intention is to keep seafarers informed and help them keep their application moving.

There are also plans to include a checklist with the application form, which will prompt applicants to check they have all of the documents they need before submitting their application.

MNZ’s personnel certification team has had a large volume of applications for the new seafarer certificates, and is giving priority to applications that are complete and provide all of the documents required.

To make sure their application can proceed, seafarers should check that they have included all supporting documents required for the certificate they’re applying for. Full details of all supporting documents can be found in the certificate guidelines on the MNZ website.

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