Big Angry Fish hosts endorse MOSS

Safe Seas Clean Seas Issue 48, June 2015

Big Angry Fish co-host Nathan O’Hearn advises other operators to embrace MOSS, and treat the process as a “simple matter”.

The fishing show host and keen recreational fisherman says he wishes he had approached the new safety system in a different way.

“It wasn’t as hard a job as I thought it was when going through it. It’s pretty easy when you know how to do it.”

Operators about to do their Maritime Transport Operator Plan should contact their local Maritime officer or the Maritime NZ website, and use the guidance provided. Nathan says he presumed he had to replicate or recreate the template, and considered his computer skills not equal to the task. In the end he asked his surveyor to complete that part of the process.

Now he realises he could have used the template on the Maritime NZ website as a base document, and amended it to suit his own operation.

The benefit of MOSS, he says, is that it encompasses an operator’s whole operation.

Big Angry Fish television show host Nathan O’Hearn: “You are telling Maritime NZ what you do.”
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“It’s your system. Everybody knows their own operation. You know what you do; your problems and hazards. It’s your plan, and you are telling Maritime NZ what you do.”

As an example, Big Angry Fish tow their two vessels by road around the country to get the boats in the water in different locations for filming. Therefore their plan needed to include safety procedures for loading, towing and launching grunty aluminium fishing vessels – including their latest addition the Techno Viking, an Extreme Boats 750 Game King.

Nathan says ‘being safe on the water’ is important to their business, and they have been glad to role-model safe boating behavior on their popular fishing show.

His advice to other operators entering MOSS, is to take a good look at their safety systems, see what’s needed, then “fill in the template and send it back”.

“It’s as simple as filling in the form. If you know your own operation, it’s really a simple matter.”

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