Maritime staff trained up on HSWA

Safe Seas Clean Seas Issue 50, June 2016

Maritime NZ has trained and warranted 35 health and safety inspectors in preparation for the Health and Safety at Work Act (HSWA), that is now in force.

Maritime officers will work closely with operators to help them understand their new requirements under the Act.

Maritime NZ director Keith Manch says “our maritime officers, technical advisors, guidance developers, investigators, regional and assistant regional managers now have a sound understanding of the new duties and how they apply to maritime operations. They’re an excellent source of information for operators who have questions about their new obligations.”

Many of the duties required under HSWA are already addressed in the Maritime Operator Safety System (MOSS) and operators certified under MOSS will have a head-start in meeting HSWA requirements.

Maritime officers will carry out HSWA assessments when they conduct MOSS audits. There will be no additional costs to operators for the HSWA assessments.

“In the early stages of the Act coming into force, we’ll focus on supporting operators and helping them understand how the new requirements impact their operations,” says Keith. “However, we expect operators to either have plans in place, or be making plans, to meet these new requirements.”

“Many of the requirements of the new Act reflect what has been part of the previous legislation and/or is required by MOSS. Overall, we will take a risk-based and proportionate approach to compliance. Action taken in any specific situation will depend on the circumstances, as set out in our published compliance operating model.”

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