Maritime navigational warnings

Safe Seas Clean Seas Issue 52, August 2017

Maritime NZ has taken over responsibility for issuing maritime navigational warnings to countries and vessels in the wider south west Pacific.

All warnings will continue to be broadcast by the Maritime Operations Centre (co-located with the RCCNZ) via the Inmarsat SafetyNET satellite system and maritime radio, and now posted at

The change simply streamlines the navigation warning system in the south west Pacific by making one organisation, Maritime NZ, responsible for ‘NAVAREA XIV’ – an area of 50 million square kilometres. Previously, Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) and Maritime NZ both had roles in issuing warnings, with LINZ being the NAVAREA coordinator and Maritime NZ being the national coordinator responsible for New Zealand coastal warnings.

Warnings alert mariners about hazards such as dangerous wrecks, large unwieldy tows in congested waters, newly discovered rocks and reefs, changes or damage to lights and beacons, and weather conditions.

Maritime NZ Director Keith Manch says “we will be continuing our strong partnership with LINZ, who will carry on doing the vital work of hydrography and updating charts”.

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