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Safe Seas Clean Seas Issue 53, July 2018

Maritime NZ’s team demonstrated its on-going commitment to the Government Regulatory Practice initiative (G-Reg), when a total of 65 staff graduated with a NZ Certificate in Regulatory Compliance (Core Knowledge) Level 3 in March this year.
People gathering at an award ceremony.
Maritime New Zealand ©2020
Maritime NZ team members receive their latest certificates at the G-Reg graduation ceremony.

Established in 2015, G-Reg aims to build a common regulatory language, as well as to improve leadership, and the culture and workforce capability in the regulatory sector.

“G-Reg is important in creating a sense of identity and being part of a community focussed on good regulatory practice,” says Keith Manch, Maritime NZ’s Director.

Director speaks at  ceremony.
Keith Manch, Maritime NZ’s Director speaks at the ceremony.
Maritime New Zealand ©2020

Around 1,900 staff across 43 Government departments and agencies – including the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment, which houses the secretariat for G-Reg – are currently working towards the qualifications.

Keith says G-Reg is a world-leading initiative for the regulatory sector – and Maritime NZ is the first public sector agency to commit to all staff completing the first of the five new regulatory practice qualifications within the New Zealand Qualifications Framework.

All current staff have either completed the qualification (164 to date), or are part way through, and G-Reg is now a component of the on-boarding programme for new staff.

A number of Maritime NZ staff also helped create content for the Level 3 qualification. The level 4 qualification of Operation Knowledge, in which Maritime NZ features as one of the core case studies, has recently been released, and development is underway for the level 4 qualification of Operational Practice.

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